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Some of my articles relating to power - there are many more but under different names …

Making Sense of Current Transformers

Current sense transformers are commonly used for monitoring, control and protection and can be as simple as a single winding on a toroidal core to sense the current in a wire passing through the core. This article describes some pitfalls to avoid and techniques to employ to achieve best performance. A high frequency current transformer is used as an example but the principles apply equally at low frequencies

Impact of Burn-In on Power Supply Reliability

Through proper testing and analysis of the accumulated data, power supply manufacturers can select the appropriate level of burn-in to drive high field reliability while achieving cost Goals

DC-DC Converters for IGBT Gate Drives

IGBTs are commonly used in high power inverter and converter circuits and can require significant isolated gate drive power to switch optimally. This paper describes how small isolated DC-DC converters can provide that power, what performance characteristics they need and how they confer advantages over alternative methods. The same considerations apply in principal to gate drives for silicon, silicon carbide and gallium nitride MOSFETs

Selecting Power Inductors

When selecting an inductor for the output storage element of a switching DC/DC regulator, a designer can be faced with a bewildering array of options from different suppliers and even within the ranges of one supplier. Using a ‘point of load’ converter as an example, this article explains what the choices

are and what advantage one choice might have over another. The principles generally read across to all inductor applications

Snubber Design, selection and measurement techniques Bodo’s Power Feb 2022

An article I wrote for Rohde and Schwarz about power supply snubber design and how to measure performance

Understanding the 3rd edition medical safety standard

Isolation ratings are explained for medical power devices particularly DC-DC converters

Partial Discharge theory and testing

An explanation of ‘Partial Discharge’ and how it affects the isolation barrier in power converters

Converter Outputs in series - issues

Series connection of outputs of power converters can lead to confusing or even damaging effects. This article explains how this can happen and how the effects can be mitigated